Travel Series: The French Riviera

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I have travelled to a lot of places, but nowhere else has made my heart beat much faster or caused me to bubble with excitement as the French Riviera has.



My trip fell at the time of the year when London had just begun to shrug off its cold months. The south of France however, was blessing its inhabitants with temperatures that would make any Londoner jealous.

I had just concluded my final year project for my Bachelor’s degree and had decided a befitting reward would be a trip to visit my dear friend who was residing in the small town of Menton at the time. Her pictures since her temporary relocation to the French Riviera was swoon worthy and I couldn’t wait to bask in the sun while lying on the white sand beach. I had planned it all and knew it was going to be a wonderful experience.


As I boarded my flight on the d-day, I was tremendously giddy with excitement and pumped with adrenaline for the adventure that waited. On the thirteenth of May, 2014, I flew into Nice because Menton doesn’t have an international airport. Yup, it’s that small!

The trip was definitely a frugal traveller’s delight as I was able to visit Nice, Monaco, Villefranche-sur-mer, and Menton. Now that’s what I call a bargain! Man’s invention of trains was definitely working in my favour. The cities are all just minutes away from each other, so with a 20-30 minutes ride away, I was able to explore it all.


Needless to say, when I first got to Menton that fateful day, I was blown away by the sights all around me. As I walked to my friend’s apartment, the beach lay endless before me and I had to stop and bask in its sheer beauty. I was immediately captivated and couldn’t wait to put my bags away and see what the small town had to offer.


What initially struck me was the community feel. It was like everyone knew each other, as my friend would stop and say a brief hello to other passersby. That evening, I attended a house get together in one of the student’s house, drank wine and giggled the night away on the roof top while slightly tipsy. A dangerous game I must say, but caution was briefly thrown to the wind for a splendid night, and I revelled in it.


The next day, I hopped on a train costing a few Euros and was on my way to Monaco. Don’t the pictures just blow your mind? I kid you not, I was in heaven.


I walked around the miniature country while licking ice cream, and stopping every now and again to take Instagram worthy pictures. Luckily, I had just acquired my Nikon camera before the trip so I was snap crazy. I wanted to capture every single moment. It was a beautiful day spent in great company. I still smile at the memories, a beautiful day indeed.



Days later, I ventured into Villefranche-sur-mer and took resident on the beach where I kitted off into my swimsuit and flapped around in the sea, allowing the waves to take me which way it pleased. I was also able to get stunning images of the buildings along the seaside.



Then the night before I was to depart this paradise, I travelled to Nice on the night bus from Menton to dance the night away in one of its many bars, turned night club. Although I enjoyed it for a bit, it wasn’t my kinda scene so I left while the night was still young, but that couldn’t even put a damper on my experience.




I had just had one of my best vacations, and even my hay fever symptoms due to the changing weather couldn’t mess with my experience.

Truly, the French Riviera is one of the most picture perfect places in the world.



It’s a must on every bucket list!

Words & Images: SewaFolie

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