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I have been reminded that my humanity was forged in the dwellings of heaven but for what purpose am I an

inhabitant of this severe and cruel world?

As the thoughts of my mind and body unfold, my human conceptions become heightened. In

that moment, I witness the forces of the universe become my rival. Friend after friend, enemy

after enemy and nemesis after nemesis.

I think to myself, what evil would become of my existence?





I watch myself grown into the perversion of my own once sane humanity. That which I

inherently possessed has become the frailty of my invented mind.


I plead with thee that owns my being to release me of this unending spell but I am rendered an

incandescent silence. The intense peace of my creator is the source of my appealing shadow as

it prompts the acceptance of my twisted sanity. With such deceit I have become the king of my

own damnation and infinite deception. Afterwards, it would irk my senses that despite my

scornful quests and undoubtedly remarkable journeys, I shall someday become consigned to



But in that moment, the universe shall already become home to destruction and utter

obliteration. And it shall dawn on me that:

By dust was I forged and by dust I shall return.

Written by: Ibidunni Damilola

Photographer: Fawaz Lawal

Models: Imran Ibidunni and Wura Kayode



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