POWER TRIP by Alexis Nereah

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Letting things go for the night is the best therapy you could ask for

Nothing matters but the bright and flashy lights
The music that comes with it, which could be life threatening
Is either pure or violated by Lucy

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A spiritual experience in a four minute track *Well shorter since it’s a mix*
Hips sway, feet stomp, arms embrace the tune
To a point where you feel as one with the producer
Well because you’re pure with your sentiments and expressions then,

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It’s no longer about screaming under your skin – freedom –
Your energy is off when you have to choose between an angel on your shoulder and a devil in your head
Playing around with your mental state and coming alive in your nightmares
Fighting the numbness as your drown in mischief…

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ARTIST : Orinah freshman
MUSE :   Alexis Nereah 


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