Orange Culture Presents Etched Journey (S/S ’16)

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“Growing up in the metropolitan city of Lagos that was constantly nestled in chaos, vitality and a spiral of fleeting hopes, it was almost impossible to catch a moment beautified by its silence alone. Everyone always seemed in a hurry to somewhere, for something. But I remember driving past Third Mainland Bridge often with my family, my head pressed against the cold glass alive with dew from the AC, staring out into the sea as fishermen rowed their canoes alone at even the loneliest of hours.

The solemnity of that still beauty rattled me. The elegance of their arm strides saturated in the euphoric concept of gracefulness carried around by people who knew what belonged to them would surely come to them. It stirred something inside of me. I wondered what they were thinking while they stood, legs muscled and firm on the wood, waiting for their capture, or as their lips cracked as they sighted something I couldn’t see. The universe came to them in those moments, and on descending the bridge, I constantly felt robbed of an indefinable beauty.”

Adebayo Oke Lawal

Designer: Adebayo Oke Lawal

Photography: Tope Horpload

Makeup: Deydeysoso

 Hair: Queen Darling

Models: Kwen & Mannie

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