Omega – Ω God within us by: Thompson Ekong

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Omega – Ω.
omega thompson
Omega. Is a series that’s about the soul inside everyone of us, the inner god we seek to overlook. It can be in the spiritual context of having the Holy Ghost in you which gives you the will to overcome any tribulations and be all you can in our life. Giving all we can to humanity, dreams, love, translating God’s grace to untameable hope. It’s also a physical and social awareness in the eyes of the viewer, each picture captures the “being” as we call it, cover with yellow which depicts courage, intellect, energy, joy, clarity and also cowardice showing he is as human as the rest of us but with all this in account he’s ready to be unique, stand out and touch the realms of our earth because he and we are destined as long as we can come to terms with our full potential, with these series I’m turning the glass on us and showing the reflection of “the god within us” all.
1. [~*^] / Sequence / First you are born. The beginning tells the story of your end but it never tells you what lies In-between. Breath of life was your ticket to this world yet each day you’re reminded like a ticking bomb it could all cease to exist with the last inhale. why then do you breath fear, sorrow, all air of irrelevance. Will you aspire back with solitude or a push towards greatness.
2. [||’.-] / Covert / No shame being alone! You can’t speak they are lousy, you’ve never fit into their shoes. Why do you question the stories inside you, isn’t it the same body of diversity ? You aren’t one of them but you’re all of you. Isn’t that enough to be better, leave their shadows and find yoursomega2

3. [:;>.] / Rhapsody / Let it take control. Finally you get it. You see it all around you, you can taste, it’s haunting your dreams and nightmares. Like a cage you feel trapped with this new found truth, you finally know who you are, clarity in its vivid sense. The callings of the stars shine as your night light, isn’t it time you take flight.
4. [\\%_+] / Absorb / Wisdom is key. Learning the way the game is played while you prepare for your first battle is the way of a great warrior. Reach out for the past, own the present and prepare for the future. It’s important to always understand the story behind the curtain, you aren’t here alone. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.


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