New year resolutions: Valerie’s Take

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I’m  Valerie Egbuniwe of An 18 year old Nigerian. I study Computer Science at Covenant University and currently in my second year. I’m an online content creator with a blog. A creative, entrepreneur and an enthusiast for anything art related.
My style I would say is still budding but comfort is the key when ever I choose to dress up. I’m the kind of girl who my style could revolve around my feelings on some days.
Inspiration for me comes from the weirdest places from the environment I find myself in to people I come in contact with even to social media,music and art. Inspiration for me comes in any form
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My amazing moments In 2015 would be every time I achieved a goal or discovered something new I did find amazing but I did learn a lot from the LFDW because it was my first time in attendance and I was amazed at how much the Nigerian fashion industry had grown compared to where it used to be in times past. I also had a lot of exciting moments and experiences with friends and family and with meeting fellow creatives.
I wouldn’t be able to say I’ve inspired a lot of people directly. Although I get feedback sometimes on how one or two of my posts inspired someone out there. I would also say in this year I inspired and literally astounded myself. I couldn’t believe I could achieve some milestones I achieved this year.
Resolutions  could be made at any time and I would love to let you know that I am so positive about 2016, and I’ve never been this positive about a new year before. In 2016 I would love to embrace every atom of creativity I feel and bring them to life and procrastinate less. They’re so many things I want for this year I’m really cheeky and excited so I’ll probably stop here.
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2015….thought me a lot but the most important one would be I could really do anything I believe I can with God’s help because 2015 had me doing a lot I never saw myself doing right now.
With one million dollars Oh how I would love to save, I’m that kinda girl but if I’m told to splurge…I’ll probably spend my money on upgrading my blogging tools ( camera, laptop, themes..etc.), I would also change my wardrobe with this I would be embracing every ounce of creativity I feel with my style, I would also invest most of the money in businesses I seek to start in few years and also I’ll spend on family with gifts
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