New year resolutions; Fiona’s Take

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My name is Fiona Maina, I am from Kenya but I was raised in South Africa,Free State to be exact. I am still in school so basically when I am not studying I take pictures of anything or anyone that can be interpreted in an artistic way.

unnamed (4) I would define my style as simple. Very minimalistic because I would rather be noticed for my personality rather than how I look. Many things inspire me, I find inspiration in anything as long as I can photograph it.

My amazing moments from 2015 were when I was part of my schools photograph crew, even though I was an amateur I produced pictures that were original and unique. I was intrigued and i found a passion for photography. I also became a photographer for one of my friends (a trend setter ) and I released I helped her display her work through social media.
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 In the year 2015, I inspired people by showing them that you do not need to used the latest technology to do photography because I was currently using my phone which was not one of the best but I relied on my skills and abilities to produce equally enhanced pictures opposed to someone using a camera. You can do anything you set your mind to.
My new year resolutions would be;  I actually want to learn how to  trust myself more, because sometimes doubt creeps in and you do not believe in your work anymore. I would actually like to create more time for photography even though I am still currently attending school. Those two are the only things I have thought about but I believe I will create more as the new year progresses.
lessons from 2015;  Laziness will not get you anywhere,I think that was one of the biggest realization I came to. Because when you are lazy you can not think of new ideas and your creativity dies out. Then you come to a stand still and you will not aspire to becoming something better.
Therefore working hard is the key to a creative mind.
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If I had a million  dollars I would have to divide the money into quarters. The first quarter would go to charity. An organisation that rescues abandoned children and builds a save haven for them. It hurts me every-time I see them loitering on the streets.The second quarter, I would start a small business to accommodate aspiring photographers , just to help them kick-start their career. The third quarter would go to my parents because they are the people who helped me think about things before I take initiative and they give me the best advice about anything that troubles me. They also offer support even when other doubt me . I am truly grateful for them.
Last but not least i would use the last quarter to travel the world , I would first visit all the countries in Africa then I
 will look at other parts of the world, if any money is left i would invest it for future use.
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