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DO: Who is Maedre, tell us a bit more about yourself?

AMW: Maedre is Aisha M.Williams. Born in Nigeria. Currently studying Business and Management at Brunel University, London and just recently completed a foundation course in Arts and Design-Photography, Fashion and Web design from Arts University, Bournemouth.

Lover of visuals and creating them. I am quite the ‘talkative’ as most people would say and it is fair to say I am addicted to mints flavoured sweets…anything minty really!


DO: With your interest in fashion and photography how would you describe your creative process?

AMW: For me, research, is key to creating art, either fashion or photography wise. Once an idea is birthed into my mind, I go about researching ways to bring the idea to live. I try not to complete the visuals in my head and exactly what it would look like as that would place restrictions to my research process. I go about researching everything within my reach, from images to text, my environment and people around.

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DO: As far as inspirations come and go what are the basic things that stir yours?

AMW: Everything. Colours, shapes and movements
Colours, I see contrasting colours and as a person that hardly incorporates colour into my daily life, I immediately resort to letting out my thirst for colours through my images. I have pages dedicated to merging colours in my sketchbooks and this serves as a constant inspiration for me.

I remember being excited about one of my first projects during my photography course, this was because I was exploring atypical poses (in women) and the shapes it results to. Making shapes through unusual poses really appeals to me. I find quite

Intriguing yet subtle at the same time. And the colours, Oh don’t let me get started on that, it draws you, it draws you the viewer, because it is splitting. I explore minimalism which is evident through my use of space.

My favourite visual artist is Viviane Sassen for her love of colour, intimacy of models and fashion.

Processed with VSCO with e8 presetDO: Is there a creative limit for you or do you areas you wouldn’t dare explore?

AMW: Currently, I am not looking towards veering into nude photography. While some others may embrace the art, it is definitely not one for me.

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DO: Women are often subjects of your work is there any particular reason for this?

AMW: The major reason for this would be because starting out, I mostly used my friends around me which were mostly females as muses, i got really comfortable with that and probably explains why most of my images are women.
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DO: If you were to change 3 things in the world what would you change?

AMW: State of violence, Greed for money, Lack of Happiness

DO: How would you define women involvement in Arts? 

AMW: Now, I think this question is very subjective to one’s environment. As a Nigerian, I know that art is mostly seen as a male job, in photography for instance we have the common phrase ‘cameraman’ and there is often the joke of you as a female being the ‘camerawoman’. However now, things are evolving along with time, and although the creative world may still be male-dominated, seeing a female in such industry does not strike up such a scene as I would have imagined in the past few years. I believe the ratio of men to women in arts is staggering and will come to balance soon

I remember expecting to see more males than females in my foundation photography class, but surprisingly, the females were more than triple of the males. I noticed this trend in other art and design courses within my foundation and I was satisfyingly pleased with that.

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DO: Are there challenges limiting women involvement in Art? If so what are they and would you recommend certain solutions?

AMW As with most things in life, there are challenges we face, and thus this is no exception except it may be more visible. I believe, one major constraints for women involvement in arts is trying to break into a world which has been dominated by males since the beginning of time, most pioneer artists were male and hence, the general consensus of people tend to pay more attention to works produced by men.

However, while we recognise that there are challenges, it is important to focus on creating rather than simply trying to break in and not to place these barriers ourselves thus limiting self-growth. For instance, in Photography, most people expect females to be the subjects and not the ones behind the lens.

I believe your individuality and not your gender should help you gain appreciation as an artist.

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DO: As a photographer what do you aim to achieve with your works?

AMW: An Image, to me like art is subjective. While I love to create works that aim to confuse and intrigued at the same time by creating passive aggressive images, it is not always perceived that way by all my viewers. I love that images can be open to interpretation and give audience their desired meaning.

As I also use photography to create a narrative of issues important to me, I aim to expose my viewers to these various subjects, to understand my viewpoint and create awareness.

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On a lighter note….

DO: Describe your typical shoot day in Lagos?

MAW: Lots of sweat! And there’s always people that stare till I feel I have no control over what I am doing anymore.

DO: Worst food joints you’ve been to?

AMW: Haha, I’ve had some pretty bad fish and chips…more like oil and salt

 DO: Three people you can’t do without?

AMW: My Parents, My Sister, My best friend

DO: Guilty pleasure?

AMW: Hoarding serviettes from restaurants, hotel bathrooms.. everywhere really. Trust me i have a good and growing collection!

-Doing my work in last-minute panic mode

-Making up stories about people passing/ looking into random people’s eyes till they get uncomfortable

AMW: Worst advice you’ve ever given to anyone?

As I am no expert on life, I do not think I have dished out lots of advice to people so here is a funny one.

One time, my friend decided to boil eggs for us, they didn’t boil for long as so ended up runny, as we wanted hard boiled eggs, I came up with the idea that she should just ‘put it in a pan and it’ll be fine’, well let’s just say I couldn’t recognize what came out of the pan when she was done!


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