Look book: Josh Amor Debuts “NOIR” for Rain 2015.

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“While Black can be described as a portmanteau of distilled moods and emotions with no moral definition, its ambiguity is still as mysterious as the existence of the world itself”

Ayobamidele Josh Majekodunmi (Creative Director)

For Rain 2015, I was inspired by the color Noir, Its undefined nature , its relative ambiguity, its conflicting mystery and its stronghold effect on human psychology.

Drawing references from Kanye West and Natalie Portman’s Personality in the Oscar Winning movie Black Swan it only became more revealing that the color called black is an entire world of  opposites. How Black can be Sexy and Repulsive, How it can be Confident and Timid, How it can be Independent and Dependent, How it can be Emotional and Non-Emotional, How Black can be Open and Private also how the color Black can be Crystal yet Vague.

The Collection “Noir” is pretty much in relation to the dual nature of a Man’s personality and I believed the color “Noir”was the best medium to express it.

Theme: Noir

Designer: Ayobamidele Josh Majekodunmi (Creative Director)

Photography: Aham Ibeleme @ahamibeleme

Styling: TheStyleInfidel @thestyleinfidel

Makeup: BeautyByBellamere @beautybybellamere_

Models: Kwen Akomaye @mannikwen

Francis Nwodu @meetchinko

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