Joshua drakes on his works and turn offs

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If you look closely at his works you would find an ernest interest in disrupting normal images and fusing them with abstracts. Joshua Drakes is a creative individual based in Manchester, UK with a lot of cut out pictures and a distaste for egotistical people.

Tender Violence 6

DO: what’s the jrddesign brand about?

JRD: jrddesign is my own brand that I eventually hope to expand into different areas.

DO: What does being a creative artist mean to you and how would you describe your creative process?

JRD: Being a creative artist means to me that I have freedom to create whatever I feel like and express my feelings into my art. A lot of times, my creative process is usually finding inspiration from the various books I own, checking out tumblr or even sleeping and meditating!

DO: You tend to have a fascination for collages and merging different cuts of images together to create different expressions, tell us more about that?

JRD: I find with collages, it allows me to create weird imagery that as I call them, fragments of my imagination.

DO: One of your series tender violence combines destructive things with flowers, is there a story behind it, if yes could you tell us about it?

JRD: Honestly, there isn’t but if I was to sumerise the series, it would be a way of displaying destructive objects in a artistic but tender form.

DO: Who would you say is your mentor in digital art?

JRD: Don’t really know to this

DO: Let’s talk about the market of digital art, do you think its viable?

JRD: Of course! Digital Art is just as big as traditional art in my opinion.

DO: Best design application and why?

JRD: There’s many applications to create art but the Adobe Suite (Mostly Photoshop and Illustrator) to me is the best there is.

DO: Where would be your ideal place to elope?

JRD: In my own studio.

DO: What turns you off?

JRD: Not having much of a personality and just being too egotistical.

DO: Worst songs you’ve ever listened to?

JRD: Oh gosh..I’d say the songs that seem to go viral whenever a new popular vine happens.

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Words: Daniel Obasi @iamdasidy

Tender Violence 7

Gun Flower

Tender Violence 6

Gun Flower3

Gun Flower2

Tender Violence 5Grace

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