Jason Jermaine on Pioneering a Bohemian fashion Brand in Ghana

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The creative mind behind the young fashion brand in Ghana sits down with urbanecoven for a quick chat about his brand and the fashion industry in ghana

 Who is Jermaine Jason? 


JJ Jason Jermaine is a 21 year old up and coming designer from Ghana. I am the only son in a family of three, me, my sister and my mother who is the reason I developed an interest in fashion. I am quiet eccentric. Everything i see inspires me. From the body shapes of the people I see on the streets to the texture and color of the fabrics I use.

How would you define your perception of fashion especially here in Ghana and Africa?

JJ: The fashion industry in Africa is a budding one. Granted there are some fore runners like South Africa and Nigeria, i feel the other countries are still getting their footing. But there has been a lot of improvements over the past couple of years. I would not be fair if I didn’t mention that.

Your brand Jermaine can you tell us a bit about it and what sets you apart? 

JJ: A lot of people seem to get my brand all confused. People project my personal style, which is bohemian, onto my brand. I wouldn’t deny that the style hasn’t influenced my creations but Jermaine is more than that.

Jermaine was created to cater for a wide range of people. From people with a more conservative style to sapphire goddesses that love to be edgy and show some skin.

And on standing out I believe every designer is different. Every designer has their own way of seeing life, their own inspiration and how they translate it into their work. I just try to be as original and authentic as I can be,

In an era when ankara and aztec seem to define what the african woman looks like, your design aesthetic brings about a touch of bohemian trends, how does this affect your immediate market especially in ghana?

JJ: That’s one thing I feel makes my brand stand out. I try as much as possible to incorporate African fabric into my designs and the customers seem to be responding well to it. The new innovative way in which I use African fabric makes it appealing to the older generation who know and love these prints already and also the younger ones like who are growing to appreciate it more.

What would you say are the challenges facing an emerging young label like yours? 

JJ: The main challenge in starting a fashion label is that you are an unknown variable in the fashion world. People don’t know what to expect from you and therefore are reluctant to even look at your clothes talk more of purchasing it. So it has been a struggle to get my clothes the needed exposure. Also very few people are willing to invest in the fashion industry. Investors in our part of the world do not see investing in young labels as a viable investment. So all initial investments and capital has to come out of your own pockets.

In terms of marketability, do you think the fashion industry is viable and how do you hope to market your brand?

JJ: I think the fashion industry in Ghana is viable. Unlike in the past where customers preferred foreign labels to us, now people actually look forward to purchasing clothes designed and made in Ghana. I guess we are providing what they want which is good thing.

My main marketing tool is social media. Other designers like Olivier Rousteing have used social media to make their brands more mainstream and accessible to everyone and that is exactly what I intend to do to.

 Finally, where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

JJ: Just like anybody out there pursuing a dream I want to succeed. In the next five years I see myself becoming a world wide brand. My clothes on runways across the world and on every A list celebrity and most important doing my part to contribute to developing the fashion industry in Ghana.

Jason Jermaine -- urbanecoven.com

Jason Jermaine — urbanecoven.com

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