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Undeniably alot has changed in terms of the way we define popularity, creativity and staying on the edge… instagram and a lot of other social media platforms consciously or unconsciously have created a new culture of “cool”; whether this is a negative development or positive depends on varying factors, but one thing we can say is this adherent instagramer and photographer has  her own definition of cool and using instagram as a tool to say her truth.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Agu chiamaka Guinevere. I’m a Nigerian based comtemporary photographer

What will you say defines a creative individual?

ACG I’d define A creative individual as a person who is sensitive and sees possibility everywhere in a way it can be expressed or interpreted.

How would you define your instagram page and where do you get inspirations for your posts?
I’d define my Instagram page as vibrant. What inspires me, is me reflecting in every picture some kind of story, in every location every face. I get a sense of fulfillment once it’s done.

In trying to build an online following what are the things to watch out for?
Your goal is to engage your current audience while growing your followings. So the major things to watch out for are: Not abusing the use hastags. Using the right filters. Focusing on engagement not follower numbers. Not being spammy. finally being very creative and consistent.

Everyday young people are challenged to appear cool, swaggy, urban and up to date how would you say social media has contributed to this trend?

Social media has contributed to this trend by increasing the level of pressure to deliver but this isn’t particularly negative,in the sense that  it has brought out creativity and a lot of other things from individuals.
Is it possible to stay true to oneself online or is the new wave of superficiality a trend that’s here to stay?

It is really difficult because people feel they have to meet up with some particular level of expectations in order to fit in or not be judged wrongly but still it is very possible.

Top 5 tips to stay cool online and still have an exciting account?

Well the top 5 tips I’d say to consider are:
– Defining or making your own version of ‘cool’
– Getting comfortable with it.
– Get the courage or confidence to express yourself.
– Don’t be needy. You don’t need to get your audiences or the public’s approval.
– Be spontaneous and vibrant.

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