EPIC; the golden grains of Aliha

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the golden grains of Aliha

It was the seventh day
time… existence you must question
You feel it rising a quiet torrent
So close like the whispers of the deserts

the waves comes to rest,
the scorpions clangs against the golden grains of Aliha
glistening under the rays of the sun goddess
you feel her tease, salty beads trails down the melanin

To live on the seventh day
Find… you must for a desert pearl sinks
“C’est le voyage de la mort”
Cyclops and gods dine under the two rocks of time

two shadows cross with sincerity
Swords? Alas! For the gods wrestle for no shadows
Selfish! The One eyed tower grapples
Aliha can be softened, as she deceives the tower to defeat

To be bored on the Seventh day?
Caress… you must a lamp
to make everything anew
but the heart betrays wishes…





(Names and instagram/twitter handles)
Creative Direction and Styling; Obasi Daniel Onyedikachi @iamdasidy
Photography: Ogoh Clement: @Ogoh_clem
Models:  Aruleba Oluseye @Buckfuddy_
Olalekan Babalola @_lakesyde
Words: Obasi Daniel Onyedikachi @iamdasidy

Designers: Cream coloured suit : TOKYO JAMES
Black trench coat  and black pants : TOKYO JAMES
Dark blue trench coat : AWE LAGOS

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