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Whilst Lagos thrives on constant commercial activities, busy traffics, clustered streets, markets and bus stops. Everyone is literally always going somewhere, the hustlers struggle is so true just like in any major cities around… Elsewhere in the same Lagos a new Art nest houses some of the finest inspirations from some Nigerian artists and from around the world.

Joseph Eze (Nigeria),
Namsa Leuba (Switzerland),
Vincent Michea (France),
Abraham Oghobase (Nigeria),
Demola Ogunajo (Nigeria),
Paa Joe and Jacob Tetteh-Ashong (Ghana),
Yarisal and Kublitz (Switzerland/Denmark)

covering about 600sqm of the Eko hotel and suites VI “Art Twenty One is a brand new space and platform dedicated to contemporary art in Lagos and is intended to contribute to and to solidify the growing art scene in Lagos, as well as position this great city as a major force in the international art world.”

So whilst the bustle and hustle in lagos might have it’s grandeur a simple escape into the world of imagination would do you good… and it’s actually alot more fun to go with someone, Yess! a weekend get away

Currently “ELSEWHERE” is open at ART 21 from ¬†June 29 – September 10, 2015.


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