Cone Wars by Jesse Christian

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 I’m 19. I was born in Phoenix AZ, raised in Sacramento, CA in the US. I love people, food, coffee, thrifting, and good vibes haha. Anything that has to do with art (music, dancing, drawing, paint, poetry etc.) I’m interested! I love photography and just capturing moments and the dynamics of anything I shoot. Currently going to college pursing a degree in communication design. With that, I’m hoping to focus on media art I can become more experienced and balanced in media production. I want to be on both ends of the camera as my career in life which is why I’m looking at becoming a music artist. I am very fond of music and want to start creating my own. I am still finding my own style and taste. I want to stand out and be unique artistically and creatively. I hope to express myself in a way that sends a postive message to people and be a voice for those who never had a voice. So doing so, my music will consist of Hip-hop, R&B, indie rock, and deep house.

This is a  project/song in the making called “Cone Wars”…

Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Photographer Jesse Christian 

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