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In Igbo the name “Agha” means Soldier. This was inspired by my view to one of Temitayo Nathan’s (T.I Nathan) collection. I thought to how much more than just the mere honorary journey soldiers embark in every second of their lives. This is more about their pains, struggles, fears & their perspective throughout the timeline of this journey.

[ Agha ]


He searches for an eternal peace He knows that the only way to get there is through death, He has accepted his faith and knows how it all ends. His only allies are the uniforms he sees



He has no sanity except the sanity he gets from pulling the trigger He holds back from not becoming the monster he fears the darkness of night and the thickness of another man’s blood on his knife engulfs him


Without the knowing of the end of the war he paces forward with no hesitation passing through the camp, he hears cries of men and wails of their agony. In this parts the world happiness has permanently become a past reference, with tales of war hero’s and the recollection of what man can do to another man. Some believe in God, some believe in themselves, while some believe in their guns. He stands and stares at the mud, coloured in the blood of men, and mixed with the bodies of man He stands there looking beyond the expanse of land cursed with death. “I sigh hanging onto tomorrow, My Chi.” He says.


Shots fired, tanks moving through the forest, boots thumping through the streets



In this reality emotions are not shared but only exist In the small pictures we carry around in our sack



There is no space for the weak minded. We have all embraced the darkness and the courtesy of spirits We do this to survive, we do this because we have no choice We carry faces that express null, but with eyes that tell a thousand stories 


We are strong in our will, stiff in our strikes and fluent with our tongues. We are a brotherhood of pain with the thirst to restore our pride and dignity to the way our fathers left it fueled with the despicablity our eyes have beheld we march out to the unknown, anticipating every ambush of the enemy. We are here to conquer and kill.


Peace is only a state of mind and can only be gotten when the arms of death embrace us.

All pictures were made with the VSCO Film 00 presets for Lightroom.

Photographed by, Nkem Mere.

Literal Content – Chuka Nwobi

Models – Demola Mako & Seyi Aruleba

Special thanks to Temitayo Nathan (T.iNathan) for the Outfits

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